Opus Editions is a fine art press using state of the art technology to produce limited edition Giclée prints for artists and photographers.  This highly specialized field takes an experienced printmaker many years to achieve the skills necessary to produce truly high quality work.  Our prints are made to meet the exacting standards of artists and collectors who want their work to last for decades and even centuries.  Maroun Sahyoun, the owner and master printmaker at Opus Editions was one of the very first to adapt the Iris printing technology to fine art reproduction.  He has worked with hundreds of artists over the years, and has developed an unparalleled understanding of artistic intention.  His profound sensitivity to color and his understanding of the technology are what set Opus Editions apart from other fine art presses. Giclée has opened the door to unprecedented creative freedom and reproductive excellence.

IRIS 3047 Graphics Printer at Opus Editions

Opus Editions uses Iris and Epson technologies.  Our Scitex Iris 3047 Printers are modified for fine art reproduction and produce images that have an apparent visual resolution of 1800 dots per inch.  The prints render the finest detail and subtleties making it an ideal method of reproduction for acrylic and oil paint, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, and graphite.  We print on a wide variety of papers and canvas. Iris pints are 35” x 47”, which is the maximum size of the paper or canvas on the drum.  The Epson technology allows us to print 44” wide by 12 feet. The Epson is an excellent choice for black and white photography. Papers with rich velvety surfaces are able to capture extraordinary tonal quality and dynamic range, rivaling the finest traditional “silver prints”.


Opus Editions keeps a reference copy of each print that we produce. We carefully match reprints to a signed BAT (bon a tirer) proof, that is left on file and archived in dark storage. At the client's request we will also store the digital file. This enables our clients to order additional prints at a later date. All of our files are stored on CD. The digital files are securely stored and under no circumstances will prints be made without the clients's written permission.


$ 90  High Resolution drum Scan of a transparency

A Direct Scan of the original is the preferred method of creating an accurate digital representation for printing.  The cost of this service is dependant upon the size of the original.

$100   Proofing of the image.  This is a one time fee and is a critical step in determining how you want your piece to be interpreted. We produce as many proofs as necessary to achieve the desired result.

$ 85   Full sheet of  35” x 47” paper (Iris)

$115  Full sheet of 35” x 47” canvas (Iris)

When printing on the Epson machines the charge is 10 cents per square inch

Our printing charges include protective coating on canvas and paper.  There is no additional charge for printing multiples on the same sheet. Your prints can be cut or hand-deckled with no additional charge.


Allow two weeks for the scanning and proofing process. Allow one week for the final printing and post-coating, after the client has approved the final proof or BAT . If timing is a critical issue, please advise us, so we can accommodate your deadline.


Payment for scanning and proofing is due when the initial order is placed.

Payment for prints is due upon receipt. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Shipping and handling charges are billed to the client.